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Defend The Caravan 2 !

2009-03-09 17:10:39 by Dynamic-Nova

Hey NG'ers

Some of you may know about my game, Defend the Caravan, probably not though because it wasn't as big as i wanted it to be... but that doesn't matter - what matters is that me and CaiWengi are starting on Defend the Caravan 2

Many towns and environments
Different carts that can be bought
HUGE achievement system that will fit into Newground's achievement system
Unique boss weapons
Tons of upgrades (defensive and offensive), weapons, enemies, and even hire able mercenaries!
Different horses
Strategic skill formulas (mixing skill combos)
Sandbox mode

How can you help?
Since the game is still in its alpha-stages, we need YOU to come up with ideas or suggestions
for the following things:

Weapons for the mouse-clickin'
Offensive or Defensive cart upgrades
Unique ideas for mercenaries
Unique carts
Bosses, as well as enemies
Stuff for the achievement system

If you need a better idea of the game, play the original here

I will post some concept art soon as well!


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2009-03-09 17:16:14

:O ActionSick 3.0


2009-09-12 00:42:13

You should fix your Rufus Da Demon game.... any time I click my mouse... the guy doesn't attack... :(


2009-09-12 00:48:48

That Defend The Caravan game doesn't seem to be working for me either... :(